QMAX Network Installers

Since its inception, QMAX has worked on the professional and commercial development and training of all Integrators who understand that working with our teams provides differential value in their facilities. 

Our Network of Integrators ensures a reliable and professional service, according to the quality standards that we aspire for the proper functioning of all our products.

Why do I need an Integrator?

The electrical service provided by our equipment is part of a system that depends on generation, storage, conversion and protection. All of these components must work in harmony to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

That is why when facing any new project or maintenance/expansion tasks, the integrator is a fundamental actor. It will be the technical professional in charge of the design, installation and configuration of all the equipment that is part of the system.
Your job will always consist of 4 key steps:

Step 1: Analysis

Every project begins by answering some questions to obtain information:

  • What is the maximum power that the user will require (simultaneous consumption)?
  • How much energy will you consume in the day?
  • How long does the system have to run without generation?
  • In addition, you must know the characteristics of the place and what are the available energy sources (electrical network, solar, wind, generator set, etc.).

Step 2: Sizing and Design

Based on this, the dimensioning of the installation and its design will be made.

  • Type and number of batteries
  • Power and type of generators (photovoltaic or wind, etc.) 
  • Its location and structures for assembly
  • Electronic components, solar regulators and inverters (QMAX, of course!).
  • Necessary protections for shorts, overloads, atmospheric discharges, leaks, etc.

Step 3: Installation

  • They are the works that allow the projected system to be carried out.
  • The quality of the electrical connection and cables, makes the safety and reliability of the equipment.
  • At this point, the overall neatness of the work and how it impacts the home will be essential. Not only for an aesthetic aspect but to maximize the performance of all equipment.

Step 4: Configuration

  • QMAX equipment has many functionalities, accessories and monitoring tools. 
  • The cost of energy, the quality of the electrical service and the user experience can be greatly improved from a good configuration of the equipment.