The PERMER (Renewable Energy Project for Rural Markets) is a national government program that aims to bring electricity to rural areas isolated from the grid, through the use of renewable generation sources, mainly photovoltaic.


PERMER is aimed at homes and dispersed rural public service establishments (schools, health posts, community centers, national and provincial park posts, gendarmerie posts, etc.) that do not have the possibility of accessing electrical service through the system interconnected electricity.


The program includes continuous solar systems for homes and more powerful systems (with 220v 50hz alternating current) for schools and other community buildings, to provide them with safe, efficient and non-polluting energy.


High reliability, direct factory technical service, support and spare parts.

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At Qmax we develop inverters, chargers, MPPT regulators and data loggers to comply with PERMER specifications and tests.

In addition, our technical team is trained to work together with the installation company in the analysis, dimensioning and monitoring of PERMER projects.

If you are interested in participating in the tenders, contact us and we will help you quote each of the Lots.


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